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Re: [Linux-cluster] Alternative to Shared Storage..

You you can use freeNAS to emulate an intel/amd machine as NAS and do all the testing (iscsi and nfs and cifs) of protocols.


2008/7/9 Singh Raina, Ajeet <ajeet singh raina logica com>:

Hello Guys,


Just Now I have been successful in configuring the two Node Fail-over Cluster. It was tested on RHEL 4.0 U2.Now I have few queries and I know you people gonna help me out.Since This was small two Node Cluster Setup.I have few script which I am running on one primary server and on disabling Ethernet on one , the other is taking responsibility to start the same service plus rebooting the disabled system

That is working fine.


Now Let me tell you I don't have Shared Storage.Is there any alternative for that.

Somewhere I read about iSCSI but donnno whether it will be helpful.


I have one RHEL System of 40 GB. Can I make it Shared Storage.

Its Just a matter of Testing a script.

Do Let me Know how gonna it be possible.Or Any Doc Which Talk about that?

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