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Re: [Linux-cluster] Alternative to Shared Storage..

Do any of the software targets yet support scsi reservations? The one I work with mostly (iet) unfortunately does not.

Bryn M. Reeves wrote:
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Singh Raina, Ajeet wrote:
Hello Guys,

Just Now I have been successful in configuring the two Node Fail-over Cluster. It was tested on RHEL 4.0 U2.Now I have few queries and I know you people gonna

You probably want to evaluate something a little newer - RHEL-4.2 was
released some time ago and there have been significant fixes and feature
enhancements in the releases since that time.

Now Let me tell you I don’t have Shared Storage.Is there any alternative for that.

Somewhere I read about iSCSI but donnno whether it will be helpful.

I use software-based iSCSI on pretty much all my test systems - it works
great. You need the iSCSI initiator package installed on the systems
that will import the devices and an iSCSI target installed on the host
that exports the storage. There are several target projects out there in
varying states of completeness and functionality. I've used iet (iSCSI
enterprise target) on RHEL4 and there is now also stgt (scsi target
utils) which is included in the Cluster Storage channel for RHEL5.

Do Let me Know how gonna it be possible.Or Any Doc Which Talk about that?


RHEL5 also supports installing to and booting from software iSCSI targets.


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