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[Linux-cluster] Recovery disaster

Hello everyone,

We're using Xen for about a year in my organization and I want to make
profit from summer to improve our infrastructure. First step : plan a
full recovery disaster procedure. It's not only related to Xen (only a
few actually) so I've allowed myself to post on both Xen and Linux
cluster lists.

My infrastructure is built as followed :
- One software SAN built with Openfiler (http://openfiler.com) : big
disks, RAID 5E, redundancy on power supply, network, cpu and RAM.
- N Xen Dom0 (actually 3)
- The same iSCSI volume is mounted on each Dom0 and we're using CLVM on
it. A PV equals a DomU disk.

It works pretty well and now I would like to rebuilt my SAN as quickly
as possible in case of problem (big hardware failure on the SAN).

Here how all these stuffs work together :
|---------Openfiler------|            |-----´╗┐----Dom0---------|
PV -> VG -> LV -> iSCSI -> network -> PV -> VG -> LV->Xen VDB

PV : physical volume
VG : volume group
LV : logical volume

´╗┐- We use the LVM layer (DomO side) on top of another LVM layer (SAN
side) and ´╗┐performance are good until now. Do you know some caveats
about this usage? Is there's any reason for me to switch to a network
aware filesystem?
- Can I dd a snapshot of the iSCSI volume on the Openfiler box, send it
to a tape driver and expect a dd back to a identical LV to work?
- Same question if 2 or more LVs on the Openfiler box are aggregated
together with CLVM (and though iSCSI) on the Dom0 side.


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