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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS on Shared Storage..


On 7/15/08, GS R <gsrlinux gmail com> wrote:
Singh Raina, Ajeet wrote:


Please help me getting rid of few confusions.

I have setup two Cluster RHEL 4.0 Update2 Cluster Nodes.I installed all the RPM packages manually.

"all the RPM packages" could you please list them.

I tried running a simple script and killing few process of first node,suddenly the other node took the reponsibilty and it was successful.

I was running short of Shared Storage and Planned to setup iSCSI target (Shared Storage) and the two cluster nodes(initiator).

Now I want to setup GFS.Do I have to setup GFS both on Cluster Nodes and Shared storage?

You need the GFS module on both the nodes, connect to the iSCSI target and then you will have to format the shared storage with GFS file system.
Further the formatting of the GFS need to be done from only one node of the cluster. Have you checked the special lock setting for CLVM. One just need to mount the formatted columes on the other nodes

Gowrishankar Rajaiyan

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