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Re: [Linux-cluster] Any other way to install latest patches on RHEL if there's no access to Internet

Excerpts from sunhux G's message of Mon Jul 28 02:58:04 +0100 2008:
> Hi,
> If our RHEL servers (Ver 4.6 on Sun X platforms) do not
> have access to Internet, I suppose it's not possible for us
> to use up2date (or yum) to install latest patches.

About 90% true; there are workarounds:


There's a similar procedure for up2date, but it's no longer in the kbase.
Both procedures only get you updated to the release on the media you've
downloaded, though, and do not inlcude the errata.

> Is there any other way of getting the latest Redhat patches
> installed?

Have you looked at RHN Proxy?

> Can we get the current installed patches on our servers &
> then compare it against the latest list in Redhat, download
> manually to a thumb drive & then install?

Red Hat offers RHN Satellite and Proxy for this particular usage profile. 
Other ways would probably work, but seem like a lot of trouble.  So if
you're time isn't important to you, check out yum-downloader in the
yum-utils package, plus the RHN API documentation.  You may be able to
script something.

> Granting Internet access appears to be an issue currently
> Thanks
> U


Eric Williams
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