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[Linux-cluster] Re: ANNOUNCE: cluster.git repository moved to fedorahosted.org (UPDATE)

On Tue, 29 Jul 2008, Fabio M. Di Nitto wrote:

- emails to cluster-cvs sources redhat com are temporary disabled.
 cluster-devel redhat com is the only mailing list receiving
 notifications. This will change soon in such a way that _only_
 cluster-cvs will see commit emails.

This issue has been fixed now. All emails should go to cluster-cvs mailing list only.

A problem was found with the annotated tag generation that prevented emails from being generated.

The following tags:

 * [new tag]         cman_2_0_86 -> cman_2_0_86
 * [new tag]         cmirror-kernel_0_1_11 -> cmirror-kernel_0_1_11
 * [new tag]         cmirror-kernel_0_1_12 -> cmirror-kernel_0_1_12
 * [new tag]         cmirror-kernel_0_1_13 -> cmirror-kernel_0_1_13
 * [new tag]         cmirror_1_1_20 -> cmirror_1_1_20
 * [new tag]         cmirror_1_1_21 -> cmirror_1_1_21
 * [new tag]         cmirror_1_1_22 -> cmirror_1_1_22
 * [new tag]         fence_1_32_62 -> fence_1_32_62
 * [new tag]         fence_1_32_63 -> fence_1_32_63

did not hit any mailing list.

The problem has been solved now by enforcing email filters only on branches and tracking branches.


I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

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