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Re: [Linux-cluster] apache resource problem in RHCS 5.1

Ron Cronenwett wrote:
Hi Lorenz

I had a similar problem while testing with Centos 5.1 on a VMWare
workstation setup. One more difference, I have been using
to configure the cluster. Luci seemed to be giving me problems with
setting up a mount of an NFS export. But I have not retried Luci since
the selinux setting I mention below.

I found if I did not configure SELinux with setenforce permissive, the
/usr/share/cluster/apache.sh script did not execute. Once that runs,
it creates
/etc/cluster/apache/apache:"name". In that subdirectory, the script
creates an httpd.conf file from /etc/httpd/httpd.conf. I also found
the new httpd.conf
had the Listen statement commented out even though I had set it to my
clustered address in /etc/httpd/httpd. I needed to manually uncomment
Listen statement on each node in /etc/cluster/apache/apache:"name"/httpd.conf.

Have you checked the SELinux error messages in either /var/log/messages
or /var/log/audit/audit.log (or the output of audit2allow -a) to see
what SELinux policy is being violated?  I'd do that, then bugzilla the
apache.sh script and cite your findings.
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