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RE: [Linux-cluster] qdiskd does not start

I got an impression from your mail that you have not started qdiskd service.
If above is the case then, you have to explicitly start the qdiskd service in all the cluster nodes after starting the cman/rgmanager service.
Don't expect cman/rgmanager to start the qdiskd service. Unless one will start the qdiskd service, the cluster won't consider the qdisk configuration.


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Subject: [Linux-cluster] qdiskd does not start


I created a quorum disk with mkqdisk which is shown when I run
"mkqdisk -L"

| # mkqdisk -L
| mkqdisk v2.0
| /dev/sdc:
|         Magic:   eb7a62c2
|         Label:   quorum
|         Created: Mon Jun  2 11:21:29 2008
|         Host:    clnode01

My quorum-config in cluster.conf is:

| <quorumd device="/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-3600a..." votes="1" log_level="7" status_file="/tmp/quorum-state" min_score="1">
|    <heuristic program="ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -c1 -t1" score="1" interval="2"/>
|    <heuristic program="ping yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy -c1 -t1" score="1" interval="2"/>
|    <heuristic program="ping zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz -c1 -t1" score="1" interval="2"/>
| </quorumd>

But when the cluster starts, I can not see that it makes use of the quorum disk:

| Nodes: 2
| Expected votes: 3
| Total votes: 2
| Quorum: 2

Neither I can see anything in the daemon-log nor is there a file
/tmp/quorum-state. Does anyone know why the qdisk daemon does not start

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