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Re: [Linux-cluster] gfs 6.1 superblock backups

Bob and Wendy, 
Thank you for your input on this.  What I am trying to do 
is upgrade a GFS 6.0 filesystems which are attached to various 
RHEL3/CentOS3 systems.  After performing the steps which outline the 
process of going from 3 to 4, but on a CentOS 5 system, I get the problems 
mentioned in my message yesterday Re: /sbin/mount.gfs thinks fs is gfs2?  
Everyt time I reinstalled a system with CentOS 5 and tried to get gfs 
running again I got the same error.

Since I know that this is an unsupported operation, I haven't sought 
support for this.  However, I noticed that my upgraded filesystem had 
sb_fs_format = 1308.  The mount code checks for sb_fs_format == 
GFS_FORMAT_FS for gfs 6.1 and GFS2_FORMAT_FS for gfs2.  Since it was 
neither of these, it kept dying saying that it was a gfs2 fs when mounting 
it as gfs, and vice versa.  Manually modifying sb_fs_format allowed it to 
mount immediately afterward.  A subsequent gfs_fsck completes all passes 

Is that sufficient for upgrading the filesystem if the other steps are 
performed?  All fs operations appear to be successful at this point.


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