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Re: [Linux-cluster] heartbeat over 2 NICs - Hi Christine

Hi Christine,
I could have searched Redhat knowledgebase but thought would
be easier if I clarify here.   We plan to cluster two RHES, server A
& server B (on Ver 5.1AP)
a)besides the regular network port for the usual network traffic,
   we only need one additional network port per server to set up
   the clustering, is this right?
b)what if we want to use 2 network ports, then we have to bond
   the two network ports on server A & the two network ports on
   server B - is this right?
c)anything we need to do on the Cisco switch's ports end? We
   are using Cisco 6513

On 6/2/08, Christine Caulfield <ccaulfie redhat com> wrote:
Jakub Suchy wrote:
I would like to know, if it's possible to run heartbeat (through cman)
over two dedicated network NICs. AFAIK, in old hearbeat code, it was
possible using serial + NIC. Unfortunately, I was unable to find this in
any documentation and this is the first time a customer is requesting
this. (I am not talking about network bonding).

Basically, no.

If you want to use 2 NICs then bonding is what you need. cman can use dual NICs after a fashion but it's not supported and even less well tested.




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