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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fencing Device Question

My question is what (if anything) can RHCS/GFS do to determine the health/presence/operation of fencing devices? If it can do something to monitor the fencing devices, and discovers a bad fencing device, what will it do? For example, if I unplug the network cable for the heartbeat, the node will get fenced immediately. I never tested whether the same would happen if I unplugged a fencing device. I haven't delved into the documentation in a while, but I don't remember anything about a way to have redundant fencing devices, like a DRAC and a network power switch. Is there a way?

You should be able to add as many fencing devices as you like, cman should go through them top to bottom, if it won't get a positive response from the fencing script.
in my case i have IPMI, then network power switch, then fabric fencing.

Thoughts, opinions, insight, documentation, etc would be greatly appreciated.



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