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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS performance tuning

Ross Vandegrift wrote:

1. How to use "fast statfs".

On a GFS2 filesystem, I see the following:
[root sensor02 ~]# gfs2_tool gettune /rrds
statfs_slow = 0

Does that indicate that my filesystem is already using this feature?

The fast statfs patch was a *back* port from GFS2 to GFS1. In GFS2, fast statfs is the *default*.

2. Disabling updatedb for GFS.
3. More considerations about the Resource Group size and the
   new "bitfit" function.
4. Designing your environment with the DLM in mind.

Do you have any specific reading material you'd suggest on this topic?
I suspect the interesting bits are related ot how GFS actually uses
the DLM to lock filesystem metadata.  I've read some of Christine's
DLM book, but there's not really anything related to GFS therein.

I happen to have a new write-up about GFS locking. It, unfortunately, also interleaves with my current employer's disk block allocation policy (proprietary info). Note that GFS disk block handling has been piggy-backed on its glock logic. Would need sometime to clean it up for public reading. Stay tuned.

5. How to use "glock trimming".

Is the glock trimming patch present in the cluster suite from RH5?
For GFS1, yes.

For GFS2 ... it is a long story... I'll let other people comment it.

-- Wendy

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