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Re: [Linux-cluster] Help with cluster.conf

On 6/16/08, GS R <gsrlinux gmail com> wrote:
Hi Ben


  <clusterfs fstype="gfs" name="wavfs-0" mountpoint="/mnt/encoded/audio/wav-0" device="/dev/mapper/shared_disk-wav--0" options=""/>
  <clusterfs fstype="gfs" name="wavfs-4" mountpoint="/mnt/encoded/audio/wav-4" device="/dev/mapper/shared_disk-wav--4" options=""/>

  <clusterfs fstype="gfs" name="wavfs-8" mountpoint="/mnt/encoded/audio/wav-8" device="/dev/mapper/shared_disk-wav--8" options=""/>

  <clusterfs fstype="gfs" name="wavfs-C" mountpoint="/mnt/encoded/audio/wav-C" device="/dev/mapper/shared_disk-wav--C" options=""/>

  <nfsexport name="NFSexports"/>
  <nfsclient name="dmz" target="" options="ro,sync"/>
  <nfsclient name="data" target="" options="rw,sync,no_root_squash"/>
  <nfsclient name="web" target="" options="ro,sync"/>
<netfs options="rw" mountpoint="/mnt/encoded/audio/wav" force_unmount="1" export="/export-path" fstype="nfs" host="hostname" name="name-of-the-resource"/>


  <service name="wav" domain="a-priority">
     <ip address="" monitor_link="no"/>
     <ip address="" monitor_link="no"/>

     <clusterfs ref="wavfs-0"/>
     <clusterfs ref="wavfs-4"/>
       <clusterfs ref="wavfs-8"/>
       <clusterfs ref="wavfs-C"/>

     .... I need to include something here to tell nfs what to export! ....
     .... Along the lines of export directory /mnt/encoded/audio/wav ....
        <nfsexport ref="NFSexports">
           <nfsclient ref="dmz"/>
           <nfsclient ref="data"/>
           <nfsclient ref="web"/>
       ..... And close it here ....

Let me know if this works and correct me if I am wrong :)
Thanks n Regards
Gowrishankar Rajaiyan


Sorry!!! Those entries should to be in the resources section.
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