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[Linux-cluster] chkconfig on lvm2-cluster




I’ve been using GFS in the past using RHEL 4U4. Now I’m trying to do it based on RHEL 4.6. Everything seems to run fine more or less, however I’ve observed a changes i lvm2-cluster package (I’m using now lvm2-cluster-2.02.27-2.el4_6.2):


-chkconfig –add does not enable the scripts, only add it to chkconfig but I have to enable them manually (in the chkconfig line of the init scritp there is a “–“ instead of the levels)


Am I right?, If so I think it’s not very clearly documented in the changelog.


Best regards,


Alfredo Moralejo
UNIX Senior Specialist

Roche Farma, S.A.
PGIE UNIX Platform Engineering
Josefa Valcárcel 40, 2nd. Floor
28027, Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 91 305 97 87

alfredo moralejo roche com

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