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Re: [Linux-cluster] Help with cluster.conf

On 6/16/08, Ben Yarwood <ben yarwood juno co uk> wrote:
I think having looked at:



       <netfs options="rw" mountpoint="/mnt/encoded/audio/wav" force_unmount="1" export="/export-path" fstype="nfs" host="hostname"

Will try to mount an nfs fs from the remote host and export <host="hostname" export="/export-path"> rather than just specify a
directory to be exported from a local fs.

I've now looked at the nfsclient.sh script and I think I can just specify the export path in that part of the file e.g. as follows:


<nfsclient name="dmz" path="/mnt/encoded/audio/wav" target="" options="ro,sync"/>

I had misunderstood your scenario earlier. However I can confirm that the syntax for nfsclient resource is correct as you have specified. No fsid is required for nfsclient resource.


Can anyone confirm if this is correct?   I'm not sure what will happen as there is no fsid to inherit?

Gowrishankar Rajaiyan | Senior Quality Analyst.

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