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[Linux-cluster] Can clustered RHEL 5 use a SAN with different access rights for different nodes in the cluster?

Please advise and/or redirect this posting if this is not the correct forum
for my question - thanks.

A company wants to use clustered rhel5 systems as inside/outside ftp
servers. Users on the inside (LAN) cluster nodes can read and write to the
SAN, while users on the outside (DMZ) cluster can only read.

Is this application possible without GFS?

If one node in the cluster fails, can the other node be provisioned to
provide all services until recovery?

Can a SAN be used as the "single" ftp location for both services (inside FTP
& outside FTP?)

Does the customer need more than four systems (i.e. 2 inside - 2 outside) -
is a separate "command" system required?

Have Dell's m1000e & 600 series blades been certified for this operating

Is there any documentation available regarding separate access rights for
multiple nodes in a cluster available?

Thanks for your constructive reply.

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