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[Linux-cluster] HA Cluster Developer Summit 2008 (phase 1): Collecting ideas

The need for a high bandwith, extremely focused, cluster developer
summit has been growing for the past few months and it is time to try
to organize one.

We will do this in the most open and transparent way as possible, for
everybody to participate in whole process.

This email targets packagers and developers that are actively involved,
interested or plan to base their software on top of openais, pacemaker,
cman, dlm, i/o fencing and resource manager.

The very first step is to collect ideas that are worth discussing face
to face between developers (remember you can always submit ideas even
if you cannot participate at the summit directly).

When submitting ideas keep in mind those golden rules:
- it needs to be technical. This is a developer summit.
- it needs to be realistic and achievable by humans
  (developers still fall in this category).
- each item needs to be worth discussing face to face.

A preliminary list, that also underlines the basic directions that will
lead the summit, has already been collected here:


By the end of June, the list of ideas will be "frozen" and will make
the final call to decide if there are enough topics to hold the summit
or not.

The next steps include:

- decide absolute minimal list of participants (based on ideas)
- location and dates

Please feel free to distribute this email as you believe it fits best.


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