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Re: [Linux-cluster] live & standby (primary & secondary partitions) in "multipath -ll"

sunhux G wrote:
Thanks Wendy, that answered my original question. I should have rephrased my question : I received an alert email from Filer1 :
"autosupport.doit             FCP PARTNER PATH MISCONFIGURED"
when our outsourced DBA built the Oracle ASM & ocfs2 partitions on
/dev/sdc1, /dev/sdd1, /dev/sde1, /dev/sdf1 & /dev/sdg1 & I suspected
this is related to building the partitions on the "enabled" (ie standby)
partitions as shown by "multipath -ll".  After we got the DBA to wipe
out & rebuild the ASM/ocfs2 on those partitions that are listed under
"prio 8" by "multipath -ll" (see lines indicated by ** in my 1st email),
the error of "FCP partner path misconfigured" cleared.
Funny that you got Netapp cluster questions answered on Linux-cluster mailing list :) ...

Anyway, assume your filers are on Data Ontap 10.x releases and they are clustered ? The action you'd taken *is* correct. For details, check out: https://now.netapp.com/Knowledgebase/solutionarea.asp?id=kb30541 where the issue is documented. Let me know if you can't access to the KB article.

"Hosts (linux) should, under normal circumstances, only access LUNs through ports on the cluster node which hosts the LUN. I/O paths that utilize the ports of the cluster node that host the LUN are referred to as primary paths or optimized paths. I/O paths that utilize the partner cluster node are known as secondary paths, partner paths or non-optimized paths. A LUN should only be accessed through the partner cluster node when the primary ports are unavailable. I/O access to LUNs using a secondary path indicates one or both of the following conditions: the primary path(s) between host and storage controller have failed, or host MPIO software is not configured correctly. These conditions indicate that the redundancy and performance of the SAN has been compromised. Corrective action should be taken immediately to restore primary paths to the storage controllers. "

-- Wendy

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