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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS + DRBD Problems

Marc Grimme wrote:

As I cannot help you too much with DBRB problems here some infos to help you debugging them at least ;-) .

Regarding OSR being stuck (manual fencing):
You should try using the fenceacksv. As far as I am informed of your configuration it also is configured:
                              <fenceackserver user    = "root"
                                              passwd  = "password"
Now you could do a telnet on the hung node on port 12242 login and should automatically see, if it is in manual fencing state or not.

Easier said than done. My cluster IP is on a separate subnet that nothing else is plugged into, and I suspect the fenceackserver is only listening on that interface (it doesn't seem to respond on the other interfaces). I'll see if I can get a laptop on it and see what it says...

If you also install comoonics-fenceacksv-plugins-py you will be able to trigger sysrqs via the fenceacksv.

Hope that helps with debugging.

Thanks, I appreciate it. :-)


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