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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS + DRBD Problems

On Tue, 4 Mar 2008, Marc Grimme wrote:

<fenceackserver user    = "root"
                passwd  = "password"


Now you could do a telnet on the hung node on port 12242 login and
should automatically see, if it is in manual fencing state or not.

Hmm, this doesn't seem to be responding. Is there a separate package
that needs to be installed to add this feature? I've not seen mkinitrd
moan about missing files, so I just assumed it was all there.

Check for comoonics-bootimage-fenceacksv that's the software that must be
installed and rebuild an initrd.

OK. Is there anything else that needs to be tone to enable it, or will it
"just work" if it is specified, as above, in cluster.conf?

It should. You will be able to start/stop it with the /etc/init.d/fenceacksv
initscript. Then try to telnet and type help. It SHOULD tell you all you

Ah, OK, that would be the problem, then. I disabled the init script in the default run level. I thought it would get started up by the initrd in the host root, not by the init script in the guest root.

It doesn't seem to start up correctly, though. It says "OK", but I cannot see it running afterwards, and the machine isn't responding on port 12242 on any of it's 3 interfaces (cluster, external, loopback).

One other thing I noticed is that my clock seems to be consistently 5 hours out until the first ntpd sync. Could this be related? Could it be that the clock jump of this magnitude is confusing dlm?


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