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Re: [Linux-cluster] Probably some silly mistake setting up a cluster ?

Hi Kevin,

    - Sometimes, when trying to execute a binary on the file system, I get
execvp returning permission denied when it should not, but when I try
again, everything is all right. I sometimes even observe this when
trying to start a script on the file system, as if the interpreter of
the script (which is on a different file system altogether) had wrong
permissions. Again, simply trying one more time makes everything work.

This is a defect that has been fixed in the upstream version of GFS2.
Which version are you using?  In general, although much better than it
used to be, GFS2 is not yet stable.  You should use gfs-kmod if you are
looking for a stable solution.

I am using the current version from Fedora 8, I will try to move up to the kernel from rawhide (if there is a newer version there, there is no apparent version information on the sources). Or is it better to use the repository version ?

Thanks, Petr

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