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[Linux-cluster] Problem in running a job in linux cluster

    When I am submitting a job it is immediately killed. I have
checked the /var/spool/mail directory. There is a message like this:

PBS Job Id: 1626.cluster1.iacs.res.in
Job Name:   test
An error has occurred processing your job, see below.
Post job file processing error; job 1626.cluster1.iacs.res.in on host
resource type  REJHOST=node7.iacs.res.in MSG=invalid home directory
'/home/pcpkp/scratch2/CsH' specified, errno=2 (No such file or

Actually to run the job home directory(/home/pcpkp) is unavailable. I
have checked /etc/exports, /auto.master this two configuration file.
All those things are ok. I am unable to find out the actual problem.
Please help regarding this matter.

                                                                  With regards

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