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[Linux-cluster] CS4 U4 / timers tuning

Thanks Chrissie

And is there a way to change the dlm lock_timeout with
a parameter in cluster.conf ?


Alain Moulle wrote:

>> Hi
>> is there a rule to follow between the DLM lock_timeout
>> and the deadnode_timeout value ?
>> Meaning for example that the first one must be always lesser than
>> the second one ?
>> And if so, could we have a deadnode_timeout=60s and the
>> /proc/cluster/config/dlm/lock_timeout at 70s ? or are
>> there some upper limits not to exceed ?

The DLM's lock_timeout should always be greater than cman's
deadnode_timeout. A sensible minimum is about 1.5 times the cman value,
but it can go as high as you like.

>> Another question :
>> is there somewhere a list of all parameters around CS4 that
>> we are allowed to tune ?

This isn't exactly 'documentation' but it does briefly describe the cman


-- Chrissie

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