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[Linux-cluster] GFS2 Quota File Error


I'm trying to turn on quota on a GFS2 file system.  The cluster has 2 nodes with 2 EMC SAN storage units.  The nodes are running RHEL 5.1.  

When I initialize the quota file using:

gfs2_quota init -f /export/gfs02

I would get the following warning:

warning: quota file size not a multiple of struct gfs2_quota

Warning: This filesystem doesn't seem to have the new quota list format or the quota list is corrupt. list, check and init operation performance will suffer due to this. It is recommended that you run the 'gfs2_quota reset' operation to reset the quota file. All current quota information will be lost and you will have to reassign all quota limits and warnings

I've tried the "gfs2_quota reset" and then "gfs2_quota init" commands, but still got the warning.  I've looked through RedHat GFS documentation and googled for gfs2.  Very little information seems to be available.  

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

Steven Lee
Center for Advanced Computing
Cornell University

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