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RE: [Linux-cluster] ZEN with GFS

> Hi,
> Just to share, 
> In my production environment, I've 5 physical hosts connecting to a
> central shared storage (MD3000i) using iscsi. 2 virtual disks were
> created in the MD3000i; a 200GB virtual disk for 10 xen guest images
> (Apache, MySQL, Tomcat, etc), and a 1TB virtual disk for data storage.
> Both virtual disks are formatted with GFS. The first virtual disk is
> mounted in the dom0 cluster (containing all the physical hosts) and 2
> xen guests are started in each host from the shared storage. The 1TB
> virtual disk is then mounted after the domU cluster (containing all the
> virtual guests) is up.
> The multipath works nicely for the 1TB data virtual disk, and the
> virtual guests have no problems accessing the data storage in the event
> of failover. The same cannot be say for the 200GB virtual disk that
> contains the xen guest images because the virtual guests will freeze in
> the event of failover.

you mean in the event of failover of the path or the dom0?


> I'm still trying to access if I need the automated failover of
> virtualized guests feature. If not, I'll probably keep 2 virtual guests
> on each physical host instead.
> Regards,
> Bernard Chew
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