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RE: [Linux-cluster] ZEN with GFS

hi bernard,
wow, 200MB for a bunch of domUs ;) 
but seriously, maybe it's a dm-multipath setting problem, i had kind of
the same (instead of having the guests filesystem images as files on a
gfs volume i just have on lun per guest); during a failover some of the
guests would become instable or even lose control over their disks.
my problem was that i forgot to set:

no_path_retry           queue

in the settings for my storage. since i did that the domUs survive
multipath failovers nicely.

> Hi,
> Sorry for the confusion here. I was saying the failover of the MPIO
> works nicely for the 1TB virtual disk (domU cluster) but not the 200MB
> virtual disk (dom0 cluster) which contains all the virtual guests.
> As for the second part, I was saying such a setup allows the failover of
> the domU machines as they are stored in the central virtual disk. The
> failover here refers to using the RHEL cluster to control the guests. 
> But as the MPIO failover does not work nicely for the dom0 cluster, I
> may just keep the domU machines locally.
> Regards,
> Bernard
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