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RE: [Linux-cluster] Two node NFS cluster serving multiple networks

On Wed, 12 Mar 2008, Finnur Örn Guðmundsson - TM Software wrote:

I see no reason why you could not have 3 diffrent interfaces, each connected to the networks you are trying to serve the NFS requests to/from. RG Manager will add the floating interfaces to the "correct" interface, that is, if your floating ip is and you have a interface with the IP address he will add the IP to that interface.

That means that not all IPs on an interface / entire subnet can be failed over.

i.e. if I have a router/firewall that I want to make redundant, and I have a subnet like (, I have to have one of those IPs assigned to each router statically, (e.g. and, and these addresses will never be failover-able. Only addresses will be "floating".

Is there a way to make all the addresses on an interface floating by explicitly specifying the binding in cluster.conf, rather than having RGM infer it from which interface already has IPs on the same subnet?

I think this is important in this day and age if IP address shortages.


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