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Re: [Linux-cluster] known gfs2 bugs? Centos5.1


On Mon, 2008-03-17 at 14:05 +0000, Graham Wood wrote:
> > I think so, for the first two.
> > Plus i don't know if it is good to post this bug on RedHat bugzilla,
> > while it's happening on Centos5.1...
> > Anyway this other bug seem to be unknown in bugzilla...but i don't
> > know if it is ok to post it on bugzilla...
> I'd be tempted to.  You're not after support by posting it, you're  
> trying to give them additional information to help them find & fix it...
> If they don't want to use it (and/or think it's a different issue)  
> then they can always just ignore it....
> G
It is generally a good plan to post things on bugzilla, since messages
sent to mailing lists have a habit of getting lost over time. Once
something is in bugzilla then its there until we can look at it.

Generally I suggest that bugs relating to non-Red Hat kernels (i.e.
upstream or other distros) are filed against fedora rawhide, but since
this is close to RHEL 5.1, then CentOS bugs would perhaps be better
under RHEL. Don't let is stop you posting though just because you are
not sure which category it should be under, we can always move it.

The one really important thing to remember is to ensure that the string
"GFS2" (case insensitive, btw) appears somewhere in the description.
Thats what makes it appear on my list,


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