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[Linux-cluster] Troubleshooting Red Hat Cluster Suite (RHEL5.1)


Having read the "Red Hat Cluster Suite Overview for RHEL5.1" [1],
"Configuring and Managing a Red Hat Cluster for RHEL5.1" [2] and "Red
Hat Global File System for RHEL5.1" [3] manuals pretty thoroughly I am
still at a loss on how to best debug and troubleshoot my Red Hat Cluster
Suite setup.

Actually I thought it pretty weird to add chapters titled "Diagnosing
and Correcting Problems in a Cluster" [4] when the only content is :
"For information about diagnosing and correcting problems in a cluster,
contact an authorized Red Hat support representative."

First of all I would like to know how to enable more verbose output from
the various components in the setup. I have stumbled upon some options
that will run components in foreground mode, but I do not know how to do
this for all relevant problem sources.

Also I would like to find information on how state is stored in the
system, how components communicate and how they are connected. As far as
I could find there was no nicely laid out schema showing the various
cluster software components in the documentation.

If there is good and relevant documentation available anywhere other
than redhat.com I would be very grateful for any pointers!

I will bother you with my actual issues in another mail I guess.

Denis B


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