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Re: [Linux-cluster] Troubleshooting Red Hat Cluster Suite (RHEL5.1)

2008/3/18, denis <denisb+gmane gmail com>:
> Hi,
>  Having read the "Red Hat Cluster Suite Overview for RHEL5.1" [1],
>  "Configuring and Managing a Red Hat Cluster for RHEL5.1" [2] and "Red
>  Hat Global File System for RHEL5.1" [3] manuals pretty thoroughly I am
>  still at a loss on how to best debug and troubleshoot my Red Hat Cluster
>  Suite setup.

here it is all i found about debugging:
put in /etc/syslogd.conf
daemon.*   /var/log/daemons.log

modify /etc/init.d/cman, clvmd, rgmanger adding debug options for the
daemon or better run the commands you find inside them in the same
order but manually, redirecting error in different files.

almost every command has a debug or verbose switch, just run them with
-h to discover them
also clurgmgrd has some switch like -f, -w and maybe something else.

resources scripts are in /usr/share/cluster folder, you can modify
them as you need.

use commands as ccs_tool, cman_tool, group_tool ls|dump, fence_tool etc. etc.


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