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Re: [Linux-cluster] best way to mount gfs/gfs2?

2008/3/18, Lon Hohberger <lhh redhat com>:
>  On Tue, 2008-03-18 at 12:03 +0100, Maurizio Rottin wrote:
>  > >
>  > > It's better to just use /etc/fstab and chkconfig --add the gfs/gfs2 init script...
> > but in this way i don't get a monitor service which tells me if gfs is failed.
>  > Plus if i want the ftp server to stay up only if the gfs is up and
>  > fail if gfs goes down?
> What you suggested would work fine.
>  Note that the clusterfs agent primarily ensures that the file sys is
>  mounted and in the right place.
>  Other failures (loss of quorum, node death) are handled elsewhere.

mmm...i'm mounting gfs in virtual machines with fence_xvm enabled for
each one domU, and fence_xvmd daemon running on each Dom0.
if i simply do
#xm destroy phptest
ehre phptest is a virtual machine
no one is able to write again on the gfs, and i get in /var/log/messages:
fenced[1222]: fence "phptest.cluster.local" failed
Mar 18 16:44:43 php01 fenced[1222]: fencing node "phptest.cluster.local"
Mar 18 16:44:43 php01 ccsd[1169]: process_get: Invalid connection
descriptor received.
Mar 18 16:44:43 php01 ccsd[1169]: Error while processing get: Invalid
request descriptor
until that node is in the cluster again.
So in this case, the vm php01 can't fence the vm phptest

but it works only if i issue
#fence_xvm -H phptest -a
where is the multicast of fence_xvmd daemon

i believe i have configured something wrong...but what?


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