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[Linux-cluster] Re: RHEL 5 Cluster suite setup

Well,  I rebooted my 2 nodes and now when I do 'clustat' command,
they see each other.

Nest step is to test apache failover...



Néstor :-)

On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 4:06 PM, Néstor <rotsen gmail com> wrote:
First time setting up the RHEL cluster Suite

I install the cluster suite and the help of a RH support guy I was able to
see my 2 node in the cluster.  I did yum update and some how I lost
the clustering.  I can do a system-config-cluster and see each node
but it only recognizes the local host as a member of the node.

I follow the instruction from the rhel cluster documentation but it did not
work for me.

The rhel guy told me that I needed to set up a resources IP address
I do not know why?

I need lots of help!!!!

How do I get the clusters to recognized each other as members?

I am just trying to set up a 2 node cluster for High Avaliability.



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