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Re: [Linux-cluster] Postfix active/active mail cluster

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joe digital wrote:
> Hi, We would like to build a postfix & Dovecot active/active mail
> cluster with a shared data backend (ocfs2 or gfs).  Has anyone done this
> with or without the use of front end load balancers (done with DNS?). 
> If so can you let me know if there is any documentation out there or
> email threds explaining this proccess or setup?

My organization is actually operating two Postfix/Dovecot clusters using
these tools (and running on top of Debian 4.0), and I know at least two
other organizations who are using the same tools for the same objective.

We use GFS as the shared storage (served via FC) and LVS in order to
balance the load between the nodes. We also use Heartbeat for high
availability of the directors.

The load balancing can also be done with a DNS round-robin; in a first
thought I can't find any problems that would arise in both SMTP and IMAP
using well-established desktop applications and proper service

I can't point you to specific documents, though we used some ideas from
the Ultramonkey methodology [1] and the GFS FAQ [2] -- I'd advise you to
 get your GFS working in two or more nodes and then work on the load
balancing, first using DNS round-robin and then with ldirector.


[1] http://www.ultramonkey.org/3/topologies/hc-ha-lb-overview.html
[2] http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/gfs/faq.html
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