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Re: [Linux-cluster] Unformatting a GFS cluster disk

Wendy Cheng wrote:

The problem can certainly be helped by the snapshot functions embedded in Netapp SAN box. However, if tape (done from linux host ?) is preferred as you described due to space consideration, you may want to take a (filer) snapshot instance and do a (filer) "lun clone" to it. It is then followed by a gfs mount as a separate gfs filesystem (this is more involved than people would expect, more on this later). After that, the tape backup can take place without interfering with the original gfs filesystem on the linux host. On the filer end, copy-on-write will fork disk blocks as soon as new write requests come in, with and without the tape backup activities.
The above is for doing tape backup from Linux end. I think you can also do the backup directly from the filer - check out:
(Data ONTAP 7.2 Data Protection Tape Backup and Recovery Guide)

I never really try that out myself though.

-- Wendy

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