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Re: [Linux-cluster] Unformatting a GFS cluster disk


We're making some progress on recovering our GFS disk..

We've created a small c app, which marked all bytes as 0xff on:

grp hdr: with offset 80
grp blk: with offset 120

But fsck takes ages to run (looks like weeks on our full disk). If we run on a smaller disk the process completes faster but after that, device is non mountable.

So, we're thinking about an alternate strategy. What if we try and reconstruct the GFS headers to tell it where old file group structures are located. ie. I can identity all (old and new) filegroups on the disk. I then change the header structures so they point to the old file groups (at least the ones that were not overwritten by the previous mkfs) rather than the new file groups.

Does this approach make sense? Where do I update the GFS headers to tell the system where the old file group headers are located?

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