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RE: [Linux-cluster] (newbie) mirrored data / cluster ?

You don't have to have a mirrored LVM to do what youre trying to do.
You just need a common mountable share - typically a SAN or NAS.  It
shouldn't be too hard to configure (and I've already done it).  You
don't even *have* to have cluster suite - if you have a load balancer.
My brain isn't fast enough today to figure out how to share a load
without a load balanced VIP or a DNS round robin (which should be easy
to do as well).

Rob Marti
Systems Analyst II
Sam Houston State University

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Hello all,

I have spent the day reading through the mailing list archives, Redhat
documentation, and CentOS forums, and - to be frank - my head is now
swimming with information.

My scenario seems reasonably straightforward : I would like to have two
file servers which mirror each others' data, then i'd like those two
servers to act as a cluster, whereby they serve said data as if they
were one machine.  If one of the servers suffers a critical failure, the
other will stay up, and the data will continue to be accessible to the
rest of the network.

I note with some trepidation that this might not be possible, as per
this document :

However, i don't know if that document relates to the same scenario i've
described above.  I would very much appreciate any and all feedback,
links to further documentation, and any other information that you might
like to share.

Thank you !

Daniel Maher <dma AT witbe.net>

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