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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS on fedora

Oliveiros Cristina wrote:
/"First part of the procedure is to not use FC if you plan for this to be useful"

/By this you mean that it is not a good idea to install it on FC? Is GFS somewhat RH oriented?

FC is effectively RedHat alpha. There is no structural or organizational difference between them. The differences are in stability and the amount of testing that goes into things.

GFS (and RedHat Cluster Services which GFS is a part of) will run on any distribution, of course - it's just that you may have to build the correct stable packages from source, which seems pointless when you can have something that just works already. It's down to personal preference.

I chose FC because I am not familiar with rh and I've read somewhere that gfs would work on fc

It'll work, but running FC in a production environment is asking for trouble. You might as well run it on Gentoo and custom compile everything from bleeding edge sources, but it isn't going to help you achieve a stable system that has been tested by someone else other than just you.


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