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Re: [Linux-cluster] mounting as non root

  I tried that, unsuccessfully.
  The relevant line in my fstab is:
/dev/gnbd/disk  /mnt/shared    gfs2    user,noauto     0       0

  And this is the error msg when trying "mount /mnt/shared" as a non root user
/sbin/mount.gfs2: error mounting /dev/gnbd/disk on /mnt/shared: Operation not permitted

  Any suggestions?
  Lots of thanks.

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From: Maciej Bogucki <maciej bogucki artegence com>
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Sent: Tuesday, May 6, 2008 12:57:41 PM
Subject: Re: [Linux-cluster] mounting as non root

nch napisaƂ(a):
> Hi, there.
> I can mount a gfs2 filesystem (gnbd) as root, but I'm having
> difficulties to mount it or, at least, giving write access to other
> users/groups.
> Any ideas on how to do this?

It is from "man mount"

      (iii) Normally, only the superuser can mount file systems.
However, when fstab contains the user option on a line, anybody can
mount the corresponding system.

      Thus, given a line
              /dev/cdrom  /cd  iso9660  ro,user,noauto,unhide
      any user can mount the iso9660 file system found on his CDROM
using the command

Best Regards
Maciej Bogucki

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