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[Linux-cluster] RHEL 3: no quorum for 3rd node

Hi folks, 

I've just added a 3rd node to a live RHEL 3 cluster (RHEL 3 Update 7), 
which was added successfully. But on the third node when I run clustat, 
I get the message "No Quorum - Service States Unknown". The other two
nodes are running fine and clustat displays all services. A message on 
one of the other nodes from /var/log/messages gives:

cluquorumd[8049]: <warning> Dropping connect from (node3-IP): Unauthorized

Seems like the other two nodes are rejecting the third's advances
towards joining quorum. Is there anything I can do about this? 
Would appreciate any pointers, I couldn't find an answer in the archives
(I notice the question was asked before too). The three nodes are listed
as "Active" in clustat on all nodes, but the third obviously just can't
join the quorum, despite reboot of the third node. 

Thanks & regards, 

Karl Podesta
Systems Engineer, Securelinx Ltd., Ireland

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