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Re: [Linux-cluster] any tricks for per-directory gfs quotas

Jergen Dutch wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there any trick that gives the effect of per-directory quotas
> without requiring a given user to own the files or be writing to the
> files?
> Thanks
> JD
You can assign GFS quotas for UIDs or GIDs. In your case, user quotas
are clearly out because you can't have users own files. I haven't
completely thought through this, but there might be a clumsy way of
using group quotas to accomplish what you want... not entirely sure
you'd want to do such a thing though :-). Not to mention, this would
probably work only with a small number of directories and users and it's
going to be difficult to automate it and make it work seamlessly.

- 1 group per directory you want to monitor for quota. i.e for each
quota-monitored directory 'foo' have a group 'foo-grp' and setup GFS
quotas for these groups.

- For each such directory 'foo', do 'chgrp foo-grp foo' and 'chmod g+s
foo'. (all files and directories in 'foo' created subsequent to this
operation will have group 'foo-grp'. You can change the GIDs on the
previously existing files of the directory by hand)

Oh, and quotas for nested directories probably won't work, not
accurately at least. :-)

Hey, you asked for tricks :-) and this is what I could come up with.
Maybe somebody else would be able come up with a much better idea or
throw mine out of the window.


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