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[Linux-cluster] concurrent write performance

Hi everyone,

I've been doing some tests with a clustered GFS installation that will
evetually host an application that will make heavy use of concurrent
writes across nodes.

Testing such a scenarios with a script designed to simulate multiple
writers shows that add I add writer processes across nodes,
performance drops off.  This makes some sense to me, as the nodes need
to do more complicated neogtiation of locking.

Two questions:

1) What is the expected scalability of GFS for many writer nodes as
the number of nodes increases?

2) What kinds of things can I do to increase random write performance
on GFS?  I'm even interested in things that cause some trade-off with
read performance.

I've got the filesystem mounted on all nodes with noatime,quota=off.

My filesystem isn't large enough to benefit from reducing the number
of resource groups.

It looks like drop_count for the dlm isn't there anymore.  I looked
at /sys/kernel/config/dlm/cluster - what do the various items in there
tune, and which can I try to mess with to help write performance?

Finally, I don't see any sign of statfs_slots in the current gfs2_tool
gettune output.  Is there an equivalent I can muck with?

Ross Vandegrift
ross kallisti us

"The good Christian should beware of mathematicians, and all those who
make empty prophecies. The danger already exists that the mathematicians
have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and to confine
man in the bonds of Hell."
	--St. Augustine, De Genesi ad Litteram, Book II, xviii, 37

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