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[Linux-cluster] LVM hanging during mkinitrd checks

During the update to RHEL5.2 I had another problem.

The mkinitrd process would hang indefinitely while scanning my block devices with
"lvm.static lvs --ignorelockingfailure --noheadings -o vg_name blockdev"

stracing the lvs process showed no signs of life. It hung on random function calls (I checked several hung lvs processes during the update).

I simply killed the lvs processes when they hung. A manual check of lvs did hang and never returned output so the issue was system wide, not specific to the update run.

Could this be because I unmounted my shared GFS volume prior to the update? I cannot really see why that should be problematic, but lvs on the other (non upgraded node) worked fine.

After finishing the update, lvs works fine and returns the expected :
"  No volume groups found"

What is the best practise for updates of GFS components? Should I keep my volumes mounted during updates or unmount them?


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