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Re: [Linux-Cluster] RHCS + DRBD


all those kind of scripts can be really useful to a wider audience and could be easily added to the normal release process.

Would it be possible for you to share the script with a GPLv2+ licence and proper copyright attached to it?


On Wed, 5 Nov 2008, Chris Harms wrote:

You need a script that does it and you add that to the service in RHCS. I cobbled one together from the linux-ha project with some customizations.

AFAHOUNKO Danny wrote:
i'm deploying a cluster (two nodes without a share storage) with redhat cluster suite.
I want to synchronise data between two partitions.
I've started with rsync, but it's complicated.
I've read that i can do it with DRBD.
I've started drbd installation and it work fine. But i don't know how to integrate it to my cluster ressources. I mean, before mounting the device (/dev/drbd0 for example) on one node, the partition must be promote as master and as secondary on the second node.
Anyone have expierences in configuring drbd with RHCS ?!

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