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Re: [Linux-cluster] gfs2 convert hosed all VMs


You don't say what kernel version you are using. I'd suspect that maybe
its too old. Do you get any messages in syslog at all?


On Fri, 2008-11-07 at 19:53 -0800, Dave Costakos wrote:
> I just converted a shared file-backed Xen VM GFS filesystem to a GFS2
> filesystem.  The conversion was successfully and all my files appear
> intact.  I followed the GFS instructions by unmounting the filesystem
> on all machines, running gfs_fsck, and gfs2_covert.  
> Since I converted the filesystem, all my file-backed Xen VMs can no
> longer boot.  pygrub reports errors that the boot loader isn't
> returning any data.  If I edit the Xen config to boot of a kernel on
> the DomU, VMs still can't start up because LVM cannot identify any
> volume groups.
> If I try to access the VM device files locally via losetup and kpartx,
> I get "read errors".
> So what's the deal  I know GFS2 is a preview, but I have to assume
> I've missed some crucial step here.
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