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Re: [Linux-cluster] Multiple oracle databases with RHCS

We run multiple oracle databases on our clusters, and they all use the one oracle account.
I'm not clear as to what testing you did tha determined you needed one account per database.

Gary Romo
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[Linux-cluster] Multiple oracle databases with RHCS


I'm running 3 RHCS clusters that have one Oracle database.

Now i need to configure a RHCS cluster that will be running 4 databases,
but from my initial testing i can see i need to have a special user for
each database.
However, in other cluster software we are used to use only single oracle
user (ie: ServiceGuard) and we've had no issues there. So i am wondering,
is there any reason why Red Hat has choosen to do this like this or would
it be ok if i would just modify the oracledb.sh script so i can have a
single user....would it still be supported ?

There is hardly any documentation (that i could find) regarding running
multiple databases on a RHCS cluster. If someone can point me to a good
document regarding this please do! :)

Thanks in advanced,

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