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[Linux-cluster] slow lock performance



I have a little problem with my GFS2 installation.

My Company have a little bit old business software (written in clipper), but our programmers can compile itt o linux platform with the xHarbour compiler. The sw uses DBF databases to store data.

Here is the problem:

We have 100-150 client computers, that mean we must run 100-150 (minimum) application on our servers. The problem is the GFS or GFS2 locking. If i mount the storage GFS/GFS2 partition with the localflocks option, then the application is running very fast (slower like ext3, but fast). Without the localflocks option the applications is slow down. If i enable cluster wide flocks, then my apps running approx. 100-140X slower.


Can anybody help me? Any useful mount option, gfs tune option, etc.etc..



Thank you in anticipation!



Best regards,


Zoltan Kiss

system administrator

Bárdi Autó Zrt.

zoltan kiss bardiauto hu



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