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Re: [Linux-cluster] Is GFS2 stable for production system?

On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 02:31:32AM +0800, Achievement Chan spake thusly:
> I would like to use it with apache, and courier-imap (Maildir format mailbox)

See the thread: [Linux-cluster] GFS performance of imap service
(Maildir) from yesterday. It seems that GFS performance may not be so
good with lots of small files due to locking issues. Not sure if Kevin
Anderson <kanderso redhat com>'s comments about using RHEL5.3 will
have any bearing on this issue or not.

I've been following the GFS project since it was first created at the
University of Minnesota, went to Sistina, DotHill and other SAN
vendors looked into it and built special disk firmware which
implemented locking, went closed source, OpenGFS forked it, Sistina
got bought by Redhat, OpenGFS sorta died, went open-source by RedHat
again...and through all of this I'm still waiting for a stable GFS
with decent performance. :) Hopefully RHEL5.3 finally provides it.

Tracy Reed

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