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Re: [Linux-cluster] nodes boot synchronization sensitivity

oh, I have probably misunderstood the problem - the real cause seems be unsynchronized local clocks on the nodes...
	bye stepan

Stepan Kadlec wrote:
I have two_node cluster. If I synchronize the boot to the same time, both nodes join fain and everything works.

I am trying to make it less sensitive to boot-time synchronization (to accept at least two minutes difference) but the nodes never join and after some time, one node is fenced.

I have prolonged the post_join_delay to 120 seconds, but even when both nodes are trying to join in the nearly same time (~30 sec difference), they are unsuccessful - the log shows

    "not a cluster member after 120 sec post_join_delay"

and the other node is fenced.

I am running the cluster in following steps:

cman_tool -t 120 -w join -n node1 -c cluster
fence_tool -w -t 300 -m 20 join

how can I make the nodes less sensitive to boot synchronization?

thanks for your advices.

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