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Re: [Linux-cluster] problems ILO-fencing

Jaime Alonso wrote:
Hi all, this is my first post, i hope not the last.
I'm trying to configure a two node cluster but I have a big problem.

I have two hp servers with ILO integrated.
I configure both ILO's as fence devices with each Ip, user name, password, ...

I was doing test and when I force the node 1 to fail, the node 2 works
correctly and takes the services that i want, but suddently the node 1

I understand that the fence service is who send the order, but i don't
want to restart, what I want is to switch off the server.

Do you know how can i configure the cluster to do it?

add option="off" to the fencedevice tag in cluster.conf

<fencedevice name="ilo-node1" agent="fence_ilo" hostname="ilo-node1" login="name" passwd="xxx" option="off" />

bye stepan

Thank you in advance.

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