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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS kernel patch?

----- "Stephen Amadei" <stephenamadei hotmail com> wrote:
| Am I crazy or was there a GFS kernel patch that was needed to use GFS
| with 2.6.27.x/2.03.09?
| Now it looks like GFS is only available as a kernel module. Is there a
| way to patch this into the kernel?
| My kernels don't run modules.
| Thanks.
| Stephen

Hi Stephen,

AFAIK, gfs was always a kernel module.  You might be able to patch it in
to the kernel source tree by hand, but I've never done it.

There was a gfs patch to enable it to allocate files properly for newer
kernels, such as 2.6.27.x.  That was just to do a little kernel catchup
in gfs1.

On the other hand, GFS2 has been a part of the base kernel for a while
now, although it's still not considered production ready.  I think the
version currently pulled into Linus's tree is pretty good.  Steve
Whitehouse's "nmw" git tree in kernel.org has the latest/greatest GFS2
and should be fairly stable, although it's a moving target.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat GFS

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